Mark S. Ellis

Mark Ellis

P. O. Box 8364
Fayetteville, AR 72703
(501) 626-5050

Mark utilizes 30+ years of business experience (manufacturing and independent sales organization) to advise and assist small and medium sized business owners in improving their business model. His areas of expertise include sales / leadership / personal growth training and coaching, cash flow management, reducing variable and fixed overhead expenses, and human resources issues.

As a certified and licensed John Maxwell leadership trainer/coach, Mark is positioned to assist business owners to increased sales margins. Studies show that with training and implementation of increased leadership awareness you could experience an 18% increase in bottom line profits.

Mark can assist organizations such as short and long term cash flow analysis, liability avoidance, client relations, and market rebranding.

He has assisted businesses by implementing the following “Best Practices”:

  • Review and consult on financial best practices concerning credit card transactions, payroll, loan restructuring, and AR/AP.
  • Quickbooks training.
  • Customer care evaluation and training.
  • Web-Page analysis
  • HR strengthen and development.

Mark and Rhonda Ellis (also a John Maxwell certified coach and trainer) live in Fayetteville and is the (sometime) proud owner of three dogs. We both enjoy riding the bike trails of NW Arkansas and appreciating the Ozark outdoors.