Megan Anderson


Megan Anderson resides in Northwest Arkansas and is a Certified Speaker, Coach, & Trainer with the John C. Maxwell Team and a Certified Human Behavior Consultant through Personality Insights Institute. Megan offers facilitation, workshops, keynote speaking, training and coaching to aid in personal, professional, and organizational growth.

Megan’s focus is aiding organizations in identifying and improving pockets of dysfunction, poor climate, ineffectual culture, and overall organizational illness. Megan lives by the belief that people are both your largest competitive advantage and the root of most organizational dysfunction. She passionately advocates that an organization cannot reach its highest potential, if it fails to understand its people. Leveraging her experience and education, Megan specializes in leadership development, organizational health, culture, and team dynamics through analytics, big data, assessments, evaluations, data visualization, coaching and training.

Megan has facilitated, deployed, analyzed, and trained on the DISC assessment. She has developed leaders at every level, coached individuals as well as teams, and speaks on personality, organizational culture and productivity. In addition, she has conducted and analyzed multiple engagement surveys, performed statistical analysis to determine validity and value, analyzed large volumes of open response data, performing text and sentiment analysis to identify trends.  Megan has and performed union vulnerability analysis and expertly transforms data into easily digestible information through dynamic data visualization.

Megan specializes in the creation of assessments and measurement tools that aid in the identification of weaknesses in interdepartmental relationships specifically in the areas of Consideration, Communication and Collaboration.  Ultimately Megan has spent her career delivering dynamic and meaningful context around large sums of data including behavioral patterns, trends, and component analysis to develop recommendations for improved employee engagement, interdepartmental cooperation, training and development, and coaching.